Our Story


Nekter Cards is a signature, hand-painted card brand built on a core belief: We make the intangibility of human emotions and expressions tangible. Each card collection blossoms from nature inspired themes: Mother nature and human nature. One by one, each Nekter Card is hand embellished with a variety of different glitter paints and hand-crafted by world-class artists making every card, one of a kind.

We create cards that respond to who you are, and where you’re going. 

To some, a timeless keepsake as a gift itself, at Nekter Cards we believe that what you have to say is just as valuable as what you’d like to gift. When we can’t speak for ourselves, the sweet beauty of Nekter Cards speaks for us.


As long-distance lovers and artists, Silva and Shanoor founded their bond with mutual love for art. Shanoor expressed his love by writing hand written notes sending them from Chicago to Silva living in Boston. They started as simple, charming letters but turned into a means to share their talents by adding sweet illustrations inside each note. 

The letters became a weekly pick-me-up for the both of them as one would await for their next keepsake. After a month of dating, Silva decided to paint directly on the front of the cards and would send Shanoor a blank one to paint and send in return. She would paint flowers, butterflies, you name it — quickly, the hand-painted cards turned into beautiful collections that the two of them would frame to forever keep. Thus, Nekter Cards was born. 

After three months of sending cards, catching flights and falling in love, the couple tied the knot and have now been happily married for 37 years.

Say it sweet with Nekter Cards.